Mississippi Loggers Association - About Us

The Mississippi Loggers Association was formed in January of 1989.  A group of loggers met to discuss a number of problems they had and felt that they had no common voice in solving those problems.  The idea of an association came from that meeting.  We hope that you will explore our site and find interest in this organization and become aware of what we do and what we stand for.  Our staff is here to help landowners and those whom the logging industry supports. Please visit our membership page if you are not already involved in our organization.


Board of Directors               

Ken Martin - President

Robin Jones - Vice President
Billy Sanford- Secretary

Bobby Barrett * Randy McInnis * Bill Cade * Billy Sanford * Buck Beach * Lance Smith * Donnie Burt * Eric Chambers * Johnny Black *Ken Martin * Hulet Moore * Robin Jones * Shelton Smith * Bruce Young * Jimmy Smith * Donald Bennett



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