What has the MLA done for you?

1990 – MLA was successful in getting a bill passed exempting logging equipment from Ad Valorem tax.

1990 – MLA was successful in getting a new Workers’ Compensation class code established for Mechanized Logging– Code 2719.

1991 – MLA was successful in keeping logging under agriculture as a result the sales tax on equipment has stayed at 3% instead of 7%.

1993 – MLA lobbied the legislature successfully in stopping a bill to increase fuel taxes 3 cents per gallon.

1994 – MLA was instrumental in getting The Harvest Permit Bill passed that allowed the weight tolerance to be increased to 84,000 pounds and fines be decreased to 5 cents per pound. MLA was instrumental in getting a bill passed that would change the way fines were determined for overweight loads using the “Truck Tag” as the starting point essentially changing the starting point from 57,650 pounds to 80,000 pounds.

MLA was instrumental in getting a bill passed reducing a Weight Ticket if only one had been received in the past year.

MLA was instrumental in getting bill passed that stop the “Doctor Shopping” of injured employees on Workers’ Compensation.

MLA supported the “F Tag” bill that allowed trucks to use the F Tag in hauling logs. This allowed truckers to haul the logs with this tag until the logs changed ownership.

MLA has been successful in getting roads changed from Low Weight roads to High Weight roads. This has increased the efficiency and productivity of the loggers across the state.

MLA created the “Log a Load for Kids” program. This program has contributed much needed funds to the Miracle Children’s Hospital Network. The Blair Batson Center for Children at UMC in Jackson MS has benefited from this program.

MLA and RMP insurance program is a comprehensive programs with many insurance companies represented. We can handle the needs of the forestry industry at very competitive rates.

What has all this meant to the individual logger over the past 18 Years?

Ad Valorem Tax on Equipment
(Ave. Logger has $1,000,000 in Equipment)
Fuel Tax Increase
(Assume $110,000 fuel cost per year)
Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption
($150,000 Equipment Purchase per year)
Mechanized Logging Code 2719
(Ave. savings of 12,000 per year since 1990)
Average Logging Contractor Savings $635,400
Cost for MLA Membership since 1989 $ 5,700

As you can see, MLA has been devoted to helping the Loggers of Mississippi since the formation of the association. The benefits far out weigh the cost of the membership.

We need you to help us by giving us every opportunity to write your insurance! The funds generated by the insurance program support all the lobbying efforts and programs provided by the MLA.