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March 2019
The Mississippi Loggers Association is hosting a membership drive in 2019.  The more members we have involved, the stronger the association will be.  So, we 
November 2018
November 2018 Gun Raffle Winners 1 - Brian Griggs (Northern District) 2 - Nathan Duvall (South Central District)
August 2017
Executive Director Full-Time Salary based on Experience
May 2017
Fundraiser Time!
September 2016
Mississippi Loggers Association
May 2016
Many thanks to GP for donating $2,500.00 to MLA Log-A-Load for Kids in 2016! 
May 2016
A beautiful queen size quilt has been donated by the Threads of Love ministry at Cooper’s Chapel Church in Quitman, MS.  Pictures of the hand-made quilt are featured in The Mississippi Logger
May 2016
Congrats to the Central District for raising $13,311.00 at their auction!  2016 is shaping up to be a great year.  Several other fundraisers are in progress and this is the year for the BIG gun raf
October 2014