Log A Load for Kids

Log A Load for Kids is a national campaign in which participating logging contractors and other members of the forestry community donate the value of a truck-load of logs to a children’s hospital in their community or participate in related fund-raising projects.  One hundred percent of the donation goes to help children – NO money is deducted for administrative costs.

The South Carolina Forestry Association, working with the Children’s Miracle Network, started this annual campaign in 1988, and it has now spread to over 30 other states. Since the Mississippi Loggers Association began sponsoring the Log A Load for Kids program in Mississippi in 1994, it has contributed over $852,814.00 to the Children’s Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi.  This contribution has been a benefit to the more than 70,000 young Mississippians that come to that hospital each year for treatment.  MLA was granted the First Place Award by Mississippi Society of Association Executives in November 1997, for its work with this program.

As a state, Mississippi is not the highest contributor to the program, but we are among the most dedicated. We work very closely with Tena McKenzie, public relations director at the Children’s Hospital in Jackson.  Over the past ten years, we have held various events in our state, such as toy walks, auctions, raffles and publication of our own cookbook.  We have T-shirts and caps for sale at local events, at our industry conventions, and at the MLA office. 

Should you want to make a donation in honor of a loved one or in memory of them, we will send a card notifying the family of your gift.

For a printable donation form, click HERE.

Please contact the MLA office for more information.

Donations can be mailed to:
Mississippi Loggers Association
PO Box 659
Quitman, MS 39355

You can also make your donation online.
For your convenience, a note space has been provided so that you can specify if your donation is in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.



It's time for MLA's Log-A-Load for Kids November Gun Raffle.  A donation of $50 equals 30 chances to win, as a gun will be raffled off each day in November.  If you'd like tickets for yourself, or if you'd like tickets to sell to your friends, please contact the MLA office at (601) 776-5754.  We will gladly put some tickets and gun raffle calendars in the mail to you.  Guns can be shipped out of state at the winner's expense.  All proceeds benefit Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson, MS.  Let us know if you have any questions.  


MLA Log-A-Load for Kids

1994-1995: $75,737.00
1995-1996: $206,000.00
1996-1997: $50,000.00
1997-1998: $32,000.00
1998-1999: $40,000.00
1999-2000: $40,000.00
2000-2001: $85,390.00
2002: $45,000.00
2003: $58,000.00
2004: $34,500.00
2005:  $31,000.00
2006: $20,000.00
2007: $42,758.00
2008: $41,429.72
2009: $20,000.00
2010: $31,000.00
2011: $65,000.00
2012 $103,000.00
2013: $55,000.00
2014: $125,000.00
2015: $72,000.00
2016: $130,480.00
2017: $100,700.00
2018: $155,000.00